LDPE packaging foils

Types of PE foils:
Foil, water hose, hose cut, start out hose

– The smooth and nonsmooth types
– Transparent, different color design
– perforation
– ionization
– Trimming to the exact size
– Allowances LLD, MD, UV stabilizer

Width: from 60 mm – up to 6000 mm circumference

Thickness: 0.025 – to 0.230 mm

Adhesive tapes

-Polypropylene straps – hotmelt, solvent, acrylic
-Crepe adhesive tapes
-Warning tapes
-Double-sided adhesive tapes
-Color tapes

LDPE bubble foils

It is used to ensure reliable packaging and transport products such as. glass, ceramics, furniture, machinery, electrical products, musical instruments, car parts, stainless steel and painted metal products, paintings, books and magazines …

Very lightweight packaging material made of PE foil, complying with the rules of hygiene and food contact, is recyclable and biologically clean.

Width: 1000 mm, 1500 mm
Yardage: 100 m / roll
Thickness: 0.06 mm      

LDPE Agro foils

– PE foils with UV stabilizer
– PE sails with UV stabilizer
– PE mulch foils
– PE silage covers

PE foils with UV stabilizers in agriculture for the construction of plastic greenhouses
Dimensions: 1600 x 700 + 2 / 0.12, 0.17 mm
sheet size: 6 x 5 m, 6 x 7 m, 6 x 10 mm, 10 x 20 m black

Mulch foils:
Mulching foils are made of excellent material with an annual UV protection.

prevent the growth of weeds – mulching in crops such. melons, cucumbers, strawberries

800 / 0.04 mm black, trpS.
800 / 0.05 mm black, trsp.

LDPE construction foils

– Insulation films / foils
– Vapor-permeable and vapor barrier foils
– Warning foils

The use:
– Insulation against water and water vapor
– The roofing material
– Indication of piping systems
– Warning against entry

Width: 60 mm – up to 2100 mm

Thickness: 0.04 – up to 0.200 mm

PVC – Tablecloths with base

PVC tablecloths are made indirectly white mixture coated on PVC (polyvinyl chloride) the nonwoven textile fabric, and then they are adjusted color printing.

PVC foil is wound on paper rolls, each roll is packed in a transparent container.

The applicability of Tablecloths is determined in the temperature range of from -5 ° C to 40 ° C. Tablecloths with base can be easily washed with lukewarm water and commercially available detergents. It is necessary to protect it from the effects of solvents such as acetone and gasoline.

LDPE shrink foils

Group packing of products using thermal heating foil air in a tunnel or a heating gun.

Longitudinal Shrinkage 60%

Transverse Shrinkage 40%

Width: from 300 mm – 800 mm

Thickness: 0.04 to – 0.15 mm

LDPE, HDPE bags, blanks

PE bags, sacks:
Width: 80 mm – 1500 mm
Length: 80 mm – 2500 mm
Thickness: from 0.027 mm – 0.200 mm

– Loose
– Rolled
– The side tabs
– Perforated
– Printing

Stretch foil hand

500 mm / 0.017 mm
500 mm / 0.020 mm
500 mm / 0.023 mm 

Color: Transparent

Roll 2.1 kg, 2.2 kg, 2.4 kg, 2.5 kg, 2.6 kg on a paper reel with a diameter of 50 mm, 6 rolls in a box

Hand and machine stretch-foils are mainly used for packaging and fixing of goods placed on pallets and pallets outside. They protect goods against spilling during transport and mechanical damage.

The foil is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.


LDPE holding foils and bags

Can be used for packing products in bulk on pallets, having a foil passes through a tunnel with heat, where the foil is shrunk and then the goods are fixed.


– the purse
– with the banana hole
– With tape ears
– 1 to 6 color printing

Complementary goods

– PE zipper bags
– Foil, Alugram
– HDPE sacks, bags
– Covering HDPE sheets
– Rope
– Shower curtain and so on.